Bottleneck John
Blues Ostersund, Sweden
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bottleneck john
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A mix of Delta/Country-blues and Spirituals have been heard and felt by audiences on numerous concerts and shows around the midst of Scandinavia. The heart i
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Peak in sub-genre #15 1
One of my own tunes, sad love affair...
Peak in sub-genre #41
A more laidback and swinging rendition of this song, one of my favourites!!!!
Peak in sub-genre #21 1
Testing my new (style N) resonator guitar here, folks..
Peak position #95
Testing my new resonator guitar here, folks.. Me and the shiny Style N... ;)
Peak position #76 1
A fast acoustic blues..!! We can definitively NOT know what life will bring from one moment to the next!! Before I knew it, there she stood in front of me.. This song is for Ann-Helen, my little QT!!
Peak in sub-genre #22
Traditional blues/gospel..
Peak in sub-genre #16
A blues song in D-minor about having someone you love, that never would leave you and always will be there!!
Peak in sub-genre #27 1 1
A classic!! Recorded live in a church..
Traditional blues/gospel.. A great song!
Peak in sub-genre #21
Just a late night jam with me and my trusty Tricone!!
Peak position #66 2 3
A blues about me being almost burned out.. And how finding true love helps me get back on my feet and feel the life spirits return!!This song features my good friend Mattias on pump organ!! A cool and these days forgotten instrument!!
Peak in sub-genre #81
A broken heart song.. Like most of my songs!!
Peak position #60
Another electric.. About a girl I loved, she took off with a good friend of mine... No friend no more..
Peak position #56 2 1
A traditional spiritual in a new arrangement.
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