Christopher Hyer
Alternative Midland, TX  USA
Thank you!
I am the band, the producer , the engineer , and mix down production of all my music. Its a fun world out there and I am taking use of it.
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Peak in sub-genre #45
Just a SOng about nothing...Usual Electronica stuff with a bit of guitar and rock riffs
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Peak in sub-genre #90
Peak in sub-genre #66
To some funky music that I made up my head and i made an mp3 track. This was produced in April 2011
Some Electric tunes produced from my studio or bedroom.
Peak in sub-genre #57
Slowit , Just Release 2.26.2011 Elctronica Rock it Electric Guitar Electrifiyng the substance
Joni is about a virtual girl that does not exist,
Peak in sub-genre #49
Just Some riffs , Kind of Mellow start with a headbanging end No Lyrics, Electric Guitar and Sorftware Instruments
Peak in sub-genre #67
A Rhythem of Electricity and Lyrics of the Tinman , Fairly Decent
Peak in sub-genre #36
Just some electric Guitar work Dual battles
Peak in sub-genre #30
A Bit of Jazzy Electric Guitar and Electrifying Mystic Song with lyrics
Peak in sub-genre #44
Just a Song about life.
Peak in sub-genre #55
Just a mellow Instrumental Song
Peak in sub-genre #28
One Of My Favorites
Peak in sub-genre #34
Way Out There 1st 2011 Song Experimental Elctronical Hard Riff Stuff
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