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Man and machine melded in a sonic symbiotic relationship...
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Mysterious and inviting... Elaborate and evolving...
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Crisp transitions from the cold outside to the warm interior...
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There are no monsters - they're just in your head. What might seem scary while unknown, turns out to be normal, and maybe even funny once it is fully understood. The scariest monsters come from Dormont, Pennsylvania!
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Evolving rhythms in the syntho stratosphere...
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Cold-blooded and unforgiving...
Peak in sub-genre #84 1
Evil yet compassionate... Wise yet foolish... It's a transcendental experiment gone wrong...
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The glorious warrior returns to a people that embrace the freedoms bought by his sacrifices, always to be remembered in celebrations inspired by the spirit of freedom.
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A mellow instrumental jazz song written in honor of the man who taught me to appreciate music of all kinds.
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The total experience of generations retold and relived over the vast expanse of time...
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