Charles Silverman
Acoustic Midland, TX  USA
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Since the early 70's I had the music influence of all those great folk and rock artists of then. I have composed several acoustic vocals and instrumentals over
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Peak position #29
A re-record of this song in all acoustic style - no instrumentation.
Peak position #39
The title indicates the song meaning that although we might lose a loved one, friend, pet...they and their soul and memories still live within - so not very far away really!!!
Peak position #11
Hand in Hand is my first acoustic guitar instrumental of 2016. This hopefully paints a picture of anything to do with hand-in-hand interactions.
Peak position #1
A song about something I hear people say all the time.....after a day of hard or stressful work....or just a plain bad day! Highest positions: #1 Rock; #1 Rock unplugged
Peak position #33 2
A song of people and friends recalling the past For Just a While has reached #1 in the subgenre of Acoustic Vocals.
Peak position #93
An acoustic instrumental dedicated to the Cane River (and surrounding lifestyle/history) I lived by for two years in Natichitoches La, many moons ago.
#68 (Sub-genre)
A song about offering help, friendship and just being there.
Peak in sub-genre #40
Acoustic Guitar Instrumental- a light song with kids in mind
Peak in sub-genre #11 1
My first attempt at a song in the genre of country / rock
Peak in sub-genre #13 1
On my CD this song precedes the title song to "set a tone" for the Long Day song. It is instrumental, with acoustic and electric guitar, and a variety of synth elements with keyboard including percussion. Highest position: # 13 in Instrumental Rock
Peak in sub-genre #24
A song that hopefully conveys the wide variation of sounds and sights of Texas...from desert to the gulf.
Peak in sub-genre #6 1
This is a "mood" piece of electronic orchestration designed to help with de-stressing......
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