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Zane's Song Long before Zane was born Raven asked me to write a song for him using the Native Flute and the day that he is born I want you to play it for him. So I wrote a very slow mellow lullaby with long lyrical notes.
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Honoring Song Thankful for the rain Thankful for all the wonders of Earth Mother and the gifts the Creator has given us Honoring the people that I love Honoring my friends who are now on the Spirit Path
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"Eagles Cry". Not a tear do they shed from their eye but there voices clearly say. "We are free and shall always be on the mountain high. It is our right to take to flight and soar the clear blue sky."
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At night when the moon is full and I am at one with the Earth Mother and the Great Star Nation. I can hear my brothers the Wolf calling to me as they bay at the moon.
There is an ancient legend of a melody that when it is sang or played the person singing it becomes invisible. The music blends so well with the surroundings that it is barley perceptible by other people.
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The Sacred Waterfalls. My heart knows this is my grandfather's home where the water is fresh and clear. The voices of the ancient ones whispering stories. The Native American flute dancing into your dreams like the storyteller of ancient times
A Mayan legend says the hummingbird is actually the sun in disguise, and he is trying to court a beautiful woman, who is the moon. Hummingbird Flute made by Tim Hampton
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The Creator speaks to all of us in his own way in his own time and calls us to do his work in many different ways. When I am playing music I am as close to the Creator as I ever am.
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Gifts are very important to Native people and all people. There is as much fun in the giving as the receiving.
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Kokopelli spoke of a time before creation when we were all just sparks in the Great Mystery’s eternal flame and that one day like fireflies we would return to the Great Star Nation.
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The ancient primal sounds of the flute are common to all tribes for tens of thousands of years. It touches us all deep in our heart of hearts and in the mystery of our soul from the beginning of time.
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Come with me on a journey of the heart. To touch and feel, to hear and see the beauty, the wonder and the magic of the world that still surrounds us. For this wisdom, we thank the Great Spirit.
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We make a road for spirits, For the spirits to pass over. Among us are three hunters Who chase a bear;
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Many times when I perform I dedicate Amazing Grace and Taps to Hopi Native American woman "Lori Ann Piestewa" recently lost in battle in the Iraq war and to all veterans of all the wars.
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Special guests Duane Campbell on Guitar and Carl Campbell on Bass
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