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"If the great Phil Ochs were to rise from the dead today, he would probably be hailed as the new David Rovics." Andy Kershaw, BBC
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When the dictator ran away.
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A song for the most significant political prisoner of the modern era.
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Long live Loukanikos!
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When the people of Cordova, Alaska blockaded Prince William Sound and brought the oil industry to the table.
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A song for a great man to whom a lot of people owe their lives.
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The most punk rock version of the song yet recorded.
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Based on a newspaper article sent to me by 5th-generation Tennesseean and environmental lawyer/activist Chris Irwin.
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A song for the great abolitionist.
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Sing the chorus and break the law!
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All aboard the Mavi Marmara! End the siege of Gaza!
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What if Santa joined the pirates of Somalia?
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A song for Volunteer Francis Hughes.
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A song for my dear friend Bob Steck, and all the veterans of the 15th Brigade.
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A song for President Obama. (And his entire party. And the other party, too, for that matter.)
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We're gonna stay right here.
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