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Urban Gallion, AL  USA undathogpin.com
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We are the Hog Pin! 1 Family. 1 Love. Under Gods Rule. Throw dirt, we add water, make mud and stay cool. We make music from R&B, Blues, and Hip Hop. My corn
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The bed of marriage is undefiled. This song is to show it is ok; yet, wonderful to make love to your spouse. When you hear this seductive, emotional love song, you'll call your spouse & ask them to hurry home from work, because it's time to make love
Peak position #83
It's one of the hottest tracks on the End of the Rainbow track. If you're in love, you will love it. If your not in love, you will wish you were.
Peak position #79
He cheating & thinks she is. She knows he's cheating & don't want to be bother with another man. Therefore, their lives are like a Southern Soul Song!
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This song is for you to know how to please your woman, the woman who loves you, who takes care of you, who puts your needs before hers, who works hard all day, who makes sure you and your kids are feed and clothes and who is your superwoman.
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This is for all the women and men in the world who are tired of their mates not being around. Make this the anthem so they can hear you!
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Be careful what you look for; it might hurt what you find. Check out the video that goes to the song at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=onD_pdqWB3c
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