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As Feminine as Lace and as Smooth as Chocolate. welcome to my new group
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Love this song. Hope you like my version....With my new oil painting called 'Heaven's Garden'
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Original song by Parisien And Moore (2014)
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1946 song written by Mel Torme and Robert Wells. Here's my take on it from my new upgraded studio!
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Award-winning song. Signed for TV/Film. Voted 'most played' and 'most requested' Jan/Feb on International KMIX Radio. Selected for 'Independent No'1's Volume 5' International Album. Now with 10,000 spins per month worldwide at KMIX Radio.
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Arranged and performed by Laurel Moore I wanted to capture the storminess and weariness of the long journey, facing storms and untold obstacles along the way (with some jazzy chord voicings) For Christmas radio release.
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Signed for TV/Film.
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Original song by Antonio Carlos Jobim. Sung in Portuguese by Laurel Moore. Backing track created and Tenor Saxophone played by Laurel Moore. Chosen for 'Goa Chillout Vol.6'
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Original song and Piano played by Tony Gayle. Lyrics, Vocals and Tenor Saxophone played by Laurel Moore
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Original song by:Johnny Mercer, Michel Legrand, Eddie Barclay and Eddy Marnay. Guitar by Steve Parisien. Vocals, Arrangement and Tenor Saxophone played by Laurel Moore
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Based on the Cole Porter song 'Night And Day'. My Radio Jingle the 'THEME TUNE' for JAMMAMERICA RADIO
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My NEW Chillout Dance Track Chosen for 'Independent Artists Vol. 4'. Featuring some of the best Indie Artist worldwide. Out to 10,000 Media Outlets including Virgin Megastore.
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Original song by Billie Holiday. With my little Dixieland twist! Signed for TV/Film US TV/FILM
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