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I'm an individual artist, who has studied music composition formally at college. I have a heavy background of jazz influence, though a lot of my work as of lat
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Peak position #99
Peak position #62
Piano improv
Peak position #84
Piano/pad improv
Peak in sub-genre #35
This is a character piece I wrote for a dear friend of mine.
Peak in sub-genre #49
This is a completed WIP, in the sense that the piece's outline is complete, as well as a lot of the instrument mixing. At this stage, I'm awaiting drums and guitar parts from two other musicians.
The title comes from this mood the music relays to me of drifting gently into a new stage of life, embracing it with the open serenity of peaceful acceptance.
Peak in sub-genre #83
Another piano improv, which turned out to be very visual for me.
Peak in sub-genre #75
There's one theme in there I really need to retire, as I've used it in a couple other pieces, but it's just so much fun to play. Too bad for me about that raw note at 3:15. Otherwise, I think this turned out rather well.
This is just the results of a bit of doodling on my keyboard, as well as what my brain was singing to me. Hope you enjoy it. Just a sappy piece, wherein I picture a gentle brook through a forest in summertime.
Peak position #43
This is a new piece for jazz combo I'm working on. I'm debating whether I should throw in some horns, or just leave it as a rhythm section trio (piano, bass, and drums which have yet to be added).
Peak in sub-genre #24
A minimalist piece, largely a celebration of gestalt, after having witnessed facets of our universe that we still have difficulty explaining as individual pieces but can still step back to appreciate the whole...hence the title.
Peak position #97 1
This was performed at a composition recital in April of 2005, and much thanks goes to the performers I played with (I'm on the piano), especially for those amazing solos!
Peak in sub-genre #67
Piano improv
Peak in sub-genre #96
Relax, and picture a quiet evening in your own home, alone, the snow falling outside, the fire crackling quietly in the fireplace as you simply do whatever it is you do by yourself to pass the time in a slightly mournful solitude.
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