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Marshall Amps PRS Guitars and very late nights of rehearsing for 38 years www.soundclick.com/neonmax - current touring band. now with The Band N8
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Very powerful sequenced song with melodic lead guitar. I used a PRS CE24 for all the Guardian of the Realm songs this one came out well
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Heavy use of sequencers and rectifier guitar amp. The sounds Lava and rocks spewing out from under giant stone bridges. As the Earth trembles.
The Lead Guitar is X Fast. Winter X GAMES song 2006 Aspen CO. Live Show @ VIPER ROOM L.A. Very accurate precise fingering blazing at the end. Fast moving song with sequencers and very melodic guitar. go ahead play along
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Begins with thunder & lightning. The wind howles as we cross The Khyber Pass keyboards enter synth lead. Gothic melody Metal March guitar. Near the end the sounds of screaming lost souls
Metal March using 4 drummers. Rick Jones has worked with Great White & Robin Trower (35 year touring pro) Live @ THE VIPER ROOM in Hollywood CA
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Soothing song with a drop D tuning. Kind of syncopated feel. With an Egyptian lead guitar line, very melodic. Powerful yet controlled
When a friend helps the new guy on his new radio show. Thanks sal!
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Discoesqe style with powerful chorus simple but addicting. bouncy quirky guitar And it seems that I want someone to shake it or something (weird lyrics)
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Funk rock hard hitting in your face Voice over for show has been removed Just the backing tracks
Frieght Train to Hell -Test Track Studio guide - test run track - Studio version next month
The was the first of many spots I did for radio.
Concert for summer kids programs Rock the IPAC bunch a bands
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In studio interview and performance. Are you kidding? Just like that no prep. Dude, there's still snow on your shoulders and guitar cases. This is so gr8. Real players can do what they do in the studios live at the drop of a hat'
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On air live phone in interview with Stephen Stills
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Studio Guide trk for up coming CD "Frieght Train to Hell" Metal from the 70s
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