Musan Dera
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Somewhere in between genres.
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#5 (Main) 3 3
"Great groove, plenty of space in the arrangement to allow every sound to shine."
#35 (Sub-genre) 4 6
An excellent edgy, industrial sounding track with great rhythm and tension-building
#54 (Main) 9 12
For the Clickeroons Toons Festival Challenge on December 8th 2018. "Nice sonic depiction of a bee swarm taking flight."
#84 (Sub-genre) 10 10
"This is GREAT! I loved this one, what a great intro and the harmonies filled so good with the bass line, and when the rhythm guitar started the main riff I was completely catched from this outstanding new work......"
#21 (Sub-genre) 14 14
"I feel like I'm being chased through a dark alley."
#74 (Main) 17 16
"To emulate a butterfly in music is not easy"
Peak position #73 11 6
"This is a very nice selection of music which harkens back to the early age of minimalism. I like the synth tones and patterns. Nice little events happening within the mezmorizing synthesis."
Peak position #37 16 13
"I'm really loving the chords and the open airy groove."
#4 (Sub-genre) 16 14
"this is dazzling. love the oriental instruments with all twists and turns. very imaginative. the title reminds me of Wu Zetian the first female Emperor in china."
#20 (Sub-genre) 18 18
A Clickers Summer Retrospective! "...this song breathes. Great chill out and cool ideas here. The intro is like slowly slipping into a pool. Smoooth ride....Ace!"
#26 (Sub-genre) 20 19
For CBC 1970's challenge, November 2012. "What a sweet flowing stream of music trickling down the mountain side as the sunlight refracts thru the ripples. Very nice!"
Peak in sub-genre #37 20 20
For the Private Eye Station, the Challenge of the Clickers Club of February 27th. "Enthralling, new sound combinations that captivate, all in a smooth polished package."
#54 (Sub-genre) 5 3
"For the first minute and a half it feels like a cold climate opening that suddenly wanders off to sunnier climes around 1.39."
Peak position #44 16 15
"Lovely Koto and flute melodies kicking into that wonderful mid-section around 2:12"
#7 (Sub-genre) 11 11
"I would listen to the intro looped all day."
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