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Omkar is a multi-instrumentalist and composer running a studio in Hamburg, Germany. The basics are Worldmusic, Ambient, Lounge, Easy Listening, New Age w
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The free song for 2011 "Snap-Happy". Associated a little video with a photosession done in summer 2011 at the citypark (Stadtpark) in Hamburg, Germany. Video to be found at youtube/Omkarmusicproduction
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Free song for 2010. Additional video at youtube. Links at my homepage Enjoy
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This work is a result of a cooperation request for voice contributions to produce a free downloadable song.
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'Delivered Free' was composed and performed exclusively with freeware and free material. (ready made loops excluded)
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Introducing painter and myspace friend Sarah Giannobile with a new free song.The cover art is one of her paintings.
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After the commercial Album `Echoes of Love` it was about time to release another free song. `Divine Painting` experiments with lounge, classic and rock and combines electronic instruments with orchestral elements like strings and oboe.
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The first song of Maxi CD Echoes of Love ...see song description
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The second song of Maxi CD Echoes of Love ... see song description
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The third song of Maxi CD Echoes of Love ... see song description
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Can be imagined as to be on a marketplace in the early morning. You do shopping,you hear the mumble of the crowd. The crowd moves and carries your body from here to there, you get the feeling,you become like a liquid drop in a water stream.
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Somewhere in the Savanna under scattered trees. The noises of lions animals come to your ears. There is a feeling you have to comunicate with this scene.You unpack a lute and play. You ride the lute.
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This proud and beautiful woman. Never try to argue with her. Especialy when you are in love. You will always loose.
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Some kids are playing in the backyard. Some do their homework,some giggeling. Some doing the gum-twist very fast. It`s pretty hot,but they are so full of energy and joy.
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In a small village,the patrol lamps hands you light. A man is doing his last round for the day to proof everything is alright and the family can sleep in peace. Some apes there.
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There is this deep red sky.Some front-soaring from the far behind.
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