Master Zap
Electronic Eskilstuna, Sweden
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Peak in sub-genre #20 2
A track by my now dead "band" Beat Symphony
Peak in sub-genre #25 1
Peak in sub-genre #48 2
Bassline's pumpi'n
Peak in sub-genre #20 2
Peak in sub-genre #45 1
I wonder what IS she talking about? Stimulating? Hmm
Peak in sub-genre #62 2
Float away, dream
Peak position #73 2
Neil Armstrong sings for us from the surface of the moon. Rocking dance at 140 BPM sets your booty on fire to this space drama.
Peak in sub-genre #70 1
Deep room shaking (you have your subwoofer on I gather?) drum'n'bass-like-but-not-quite music that will leave you grooving...
Peak in sub-genre #88 1
Minimalistic club stuff. Off my Debut CD "Curvature of Space", available FOR THE FIRST TIME for download EVER!!
Peak in sub-genre #25 4
Quantum Physics goes eurodance! (aka "Tachyon Dance")
Peak in sub-genre #24 1
Drum and Bass, with a female vocal whispering, sexy..."Bring it On"... and thats just what you feel like doi' her!
Peak in sub-genre #17 2
Trance collides with opera and a space like feeling and a DEEP beat... Dance!!
Peak in sub-genre #61 1
The lead sound consists of 30 (THIRTY) detuned sawtooth oscillators. Thank you, Kurzweil :-)
Peak in sub-genre #66 2
Oh you'll love the ending on this one... the beautiful string pad...the wonderful chords...and then WHAM....your gut is shaken.....yummy
Peak in sub-genre #22
The lost Antiloop bootleg.... (not really)
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