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Rick Weisberg's older sister was off to get her ears pierced at the mall...
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A little love, a little thing, a little fling!
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A song by Bobby Sharp.
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Kelly's jazz trio perform this wonderful rendition. Kelly Park on piano, Reid Whatley on bass, John Wiitala on drums
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Palm trees sway, hibiscus blooms...
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A brand new dress doesn't fill in the emptiness at the Mariposa Lounge...
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Reid Whatley performs this song at Kelly's of Alameda with Kelly Park on piano and backup vocals, Rocky Tatarelli on the sax, and John Wiitala on drums. www.reidwhatley.com
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Song of the handsome Maori warrior discovering he is in love with a beautiful maiden on the Waiapu shores (but first he has to find her)
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As heard on the youtube video... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r-dRZ3TJbok Angelina Jolie is painted in lipstick by artist Jason Baalman. Amazing!
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