Cry for Help Kit Mann
Blues Connersville, In  USA //
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Just me and some musicians that volunteered to perform on my cd. It is a mix of acoustic soft music and electric blues/rock music, country, instrumental.
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Peak position #44 29 21
A song about a little girl who is afraid of storms. She cry's out to her dad, who tuck her in next to mom and tells her he will always be there. Her father dies in the spring and she buries him next to her mom and say's I can't be with you.
Peak position #83 17 10
A man and woman are alone after separating. They both find that they only way they can be with each other is when they fall asleep and dream.
Peak position #12 24 13
A guitar player is brought to the cajun queen, a place with no windows and doors, just the lady that brought him there and musicians. He has a choose to play, and his music will live on, or refuse and end up in the bayou
Peak position #10 21 12
A song for anyone who at some time in their life they feel alone, trapped and are looking for help. But society does not see them asking for help, they just keep passing by
Peak position #42 12 5
About my grandfather swing. As a child every time we came to grandpa's him and I would sit on the swing and share crackerjacks. He then would tell me of lessons of life.
Peak in sub-genre #19 7 3
It should not matter where we come from or who we pray to or the color of our skin. We all should be able to meet half way, and co-exist together
Peak in sub-genre #96 6 2
A man trades his soul to play guitar with the Devil. Only problem is he don't find out until later that he can play guitar, but only in the woods, until someone else comes by and makes the same deal
Peak position #85 11 4
A simple love story between a man and a woman.
9 3
A nice instrumental, I wanted to call it Deliverance Part ll, an updated version, more modern. But MGM would not let me.
Peak position #47 10 7
A song about a man that goes to bars and picks up lonely married women who at home are giving more than they get back.
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