Tom Bower
Rock Canal Fulton, OH  USA
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Peak position #62
My cover of The Byrds hit from 1965 which Tom Petty covered in his first album.
Peak position #95
My cover of the Sonny Henry-penned song from Kat Edmonson's second album entitled Way Down Low.
Peak position #43
No one sings this song better than Kat Edmonson, my favorite songstress. But, no body sings ANYTHING like Kat! I love this Miles Zuniga-penned song so much I couldn't resist taking a shot at it.
Peak position #55
The satellite that revolutionized communications and made possible GPS, cell phones, etc. It launched on July 10, 1962.
Peak position #81
Tom Petty's first major hit...his signature song.
Peak position #94
A parody of my favorite singer-song writer the late Tom Petty. Free Fallin' was off his debut album in 1989, Full Moon Fever.
#86 (Sub-genre)
An original composition written for a slideshow about Cleveland, Ohio. This is a new recording.
Peak position #21
My close cover of the Moody Blues signature hit. I've added some of my newly-acquired keyboard skills to this one.
Peak in sub-genre #13
One of my favorite singer/songwriters/guitarists is Joe Walsh. Here's a song parody of a tune he did solo and with The Eagles. Joe does some elegant slide work in this one which I can't do, so I noodle around as best I can.
Peak in sub-genre #7
This is a monophonic mix which is more era-appropriate for this song. I also cut the dynamic range equalization a little bit.
Peak in sub-genre #13
This song has the distinction of being the only instrumental banned by DJ's in many cities because they feared it would incite gang violence. West Side Story had just premiered on Broadway. It had to do with the title and the unique dirty primal soun
Peak in sub-genre #11
Based upon and inspired by The House Of The Rising Sun
Peak in sub-genre #13
An all-new recording of my own arrangement of the Bob Dylan classic made famous by Jimi Hendrix.
Peak position #31
An all-new recording of an original composition featuring all acoustic six and 12-string guitars live-miked with electric bass and percussion.
Peak position #95
A parody of the hit from CCR.
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