Midnite Bob
Acoustic USA
Thank you!
Recorded live in my living room amid a gathering of friends.
Peak position #45
My daughter first described this as: "It's like, ya know, a Buddy Holly song, only, like, with sex, right?"
Peak in sub-genre #54
John Lennon once said he had only written two songs that were truly honest. One was "Help", and I can't remember the second....Me? I've only written one.
Peak in sub-genre #65
The original Jack Boys at their jammin' best.
Peak position #65
Peak position #77
Jimmy Buffett meets suburbia.
Peak in sub-genre #93
Since the restraining orders have kept me away from getting this to Nanci Griffith, I remain at the mercy of Annie & Michelle for the vocals.
Peak position #70
Thanks again to Annie & Michelle for the vocals.
A very rough draft of the first pass write-through
Peak in sub-genre #87
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