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Rami B
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Arabic rap, Palestinian rap!
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akhhhh... we are toys... nothing but toys!
Just when i thought i can't do it better :P
Small gift ...
Lost friendships, lost love!, Hafed on the chorus, Raja2y on the oud.
the Arabs... CLINICAL DEATH!
Can you define me? what am i? you too!
in this song i imagine khaled talkin to his family from his cell..
I just wanted to say what i feel that's all nothing more..
my favorite song, the best till now
by the name of palestine, you raped, killed, and got famous..
Peak in sub-genre #22
It's all reversed, the song order, the beat, soemthing new, another breakthrough in the arabic rap
Featuring Hafed Mousa, and Nabeel on the piano.
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