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part one of Refraining by an author new to Beam Me Up, Margaret Karmazin, I review the anime series Denou Coil, Plus some strange and amazing science from the BMU Blog!
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Beam Me Up! Podcast #216
Peak position #43
This week we have a tale written by Shaun Saunders as a dedication to Forrest J. Ackerman called Doctor Atomic. Plus the conclusion to Colin P. Davies serialized "The Monster On Mandrake Street"!
Peak position #42
Our first story is a chilling tale from Sarah Wagner called "Four Hearts", And we close with Colin P. Davies "the Monster on Mandrake Street" pt 4 plus I review the movie "Astro Boy",
Peak position #78
This week, part 3 of Colin Davies's Monster on Mandrake Street, plus episode 1 of Tim Sayill's Bradley Brackett adventures. Plus I review "The Windup Doll" and a review of the dvd "Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.
Peak position #59
Our first story is a piece of flash fiction from David Kopaska-Merkel called "Letters" and part 2 of our exclusive Pestworld story from Colin P. Davies called "The Monster on Mandrake Street" narrated by CrystalWizard of Abandoned Towers.
Peak position #71
Our first story is by Tim Sayell reading his very funny "A Single Snapped String" We close the hour by revisiting Colin P. Davies' Pestworld with an exclusive five part tale called The Monster on Mandrake Street.
Peak position #40
Our story this week is from our veteran writer Shaun A. Saunders who revisits his aLooking for the Future that wasa universe in his story Lobos. From the Blog, Water on the Moon?
This week I finish with the conclusion to Jack Nimersheim's "Petite Mall" The first story however is "Canned Man" by Sarah Wagner and produced by Crystal Wizard of Abandoned Towers
Our first story is Collector's Item by R.F. Young read by Ron Huber. Our next story is part one of Petite Mal by Jack Nimersheim which is are really good retelling of the Nano machine medicine sub-genre.
Peak position #87
Our first offering is a flash selection from A.K. Sykora called "A Worthy Cause" and we close with a 1953 story by Robert Sheckley called "Beside Still Waters" Plus from the blog...moon rocks that wern't?!!
Peak in sub-genre #14
The first story is Shaun A. Saunder's "The Big Sell", And finish the hour with part 5 and the conclusion of Colin P. Davies Pest World"
this week episode 171 is Part 4 of Colin P. Davies Pest World story plus Oddcube reviews Forbidden Planet
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