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I am a pencil, Jesus is the writer. Use me Jesus for your glory.
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so I did the beat for them, I told them they had to be clean... well they did it... however they didn't wait for the music to be finished... I was impressed they did a song that didn't swear... thanks guys great msg
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if you wish to buy the song go to
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For those that remember the original this is definetly not dance anymore
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Not my usual style but I got a new vst and was playing around with new basses... this is the result I guess lol
new song going on my album comming out this summer or early winter
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just an old song I played with again
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again not my usual style but this one... well... I'm a sucker for hoovers, not compleatly finished yet but it will be soon.
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DJ Darryl - Hit the devil with his own stick (DJ Sozo 2004 Remix) Finally Fixed it
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I play FFXI and came accross the United Video that Edyn produced. She is also the producer of the music in that video. The Music of the video captured me, and I wanted to remix it. To find out more about Edyn go to
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For DJ Light hope you like it
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