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Peak position #59
Betcha can't guess who this song is about? :o) Upbeat & Uplifting. Fully orchestrated.
Peak in sub-genre #9
high energy song. Drums are styled after Hendrix's "Fire". What you will hear is a remix done in October, 2013.
Peak in sub-genre #13
Uptempo. Upbeat. Fully orchestrated. The music contains the driving feel of "From The Dark Side" ('Eddie & the Cruisers' movie) and an unusual rhythmic motif from the movie soundtrack of "Medicine Man" (Sean Connery).
Peak in sub-genre #28
One of my most popular songs. Intricate layered rhythms. Potent lyric message. When I perform it live, people quickly pick up on the hook and start singing it with me. ASCAP
Peak in sub-genre #74
Upbeat pop/rock. A synopsis of what went wrong in Genesis 3, and how well it was fixed on the Day of Pentecost.
Peak in sub-genre #67
Peak position #95
For the younger generations. Fuzz guitar sound, like ZZ Top. (BTW, I wonder if ZZ TOP got the zz from the end of the word fuzz?)
Peak in sub-genre #19
Uptempo. Fully orchestrated. Made use of some distortion guitar sounds on my synthesizer.
Peak in sub-genre #43
Peak in sub-genre #62
Easy listening with latin rhythms. ASCAP
Peak in sub-genre #46
Very high energy song about competitive sports, but has plenty of application to any other areas of competition you encounter. No religious references in the song, though the concept of being your best is Bible based.
Peak position #64
Uptempo. Upbeat. Fully orchestrated, though not overloaded like I'm sometimes prone to do. :o)
upbeat pop
Peak position #92
Uptempo pop/rock. More details about how valuable the holy spirit God gives us is.
Peak in sub-genre #28
Upbeat message. Uptempo pop-rock.
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