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Peak position #90
This track was written by Jeff Cozine. It was submitted to a musical collaboration website, I re-arranged the song to extend it slightly and added all additional instuments (excluding Jeffs original acoustic guitar and vocal).
Peak in sub-genre #100
A slower ambient piece.
Felt a little like traveling on a boat.
This song kind of reminds me of gliding, so I called it aviation. Mostly acoustic guitar with some synth parts.
For once, a fairly happy little number. Mostly my Larrivee acoustic, with some harmonica, piano and tremolo guitar.
Another ambient mix of acoustic guitar, lap steel, dobro etc
This is a beautiful song which was written, recorded and sung by Danny, a musician over at the Acoustic Guitar Forum. I liked it so much that I couldn't help but add some Lap Steel guitar to it.
Inspired by the CBC documentary "Horses of Sable Island", about a herd of wild horses which live on a remote island on the East coast of Canada.
Another moody instrumental. I just discovered open Cm tuning for slide guitar and that is the main sound featured here. Works perfectly for my style.
I like the "space" in this arrangement. I also like the mix of acoustic and electric sounds.
A dark little number, inspired by the swamps of the Everglades.
Another slow song. Features fake-Baritone guitar and mandolin. And Ebow - lots of Ebow.
Inspired by the brutal cold of Ontario in January. A dark brooding piece featuring judicious use of the Ebow.
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