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I am the Tweak. TweakHeadz Lab is my studio. Listen to my current songs and collaborations with my friends then head down to my site at or my
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Tweak teams up with Christina and Glen for this song. Glen sent me the lyrics in April, I put it to a bossa-like jazz beat and Christina did the vocals on the July31.
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Winnie sings about the moment where the magic disappears in the modern relationship. Lyrics by writer Glen Gustavson-Falck. Music by Tweak. Hey, its a collaboration!
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A wish for peace for a troubled coastal city
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A second collaboration with Glen Gustavson-Falck, Christina Morgan and yours truly. This is a song about the possibilities for your world if the hole in the sky gets larger and ruins things more than it has.
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News of the Weird: Vocalist/songwriter Christina Morgan, Temple TX, had her body taken over by 'a demon' at TweakHeadz Lab. The owner of the studio, who only goes by the name Tweak, told the press 'Well, she went a little crazy' ...continued..
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Tweak and Christina Morgan doing a pop tune. Uploaded Oct 26, 2008
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This is my favorite song of all 1300 songs I've done. An imagined trip to the end of the cosmos, where darkness turns to light. That's my friend Winnie Marcus doing the female vocals. Really. I love creating the insides of space ships with audio.
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This is an experimental writing switching from 5/4 to 7/4 time signatures. So refreshing to write outside of 4/4! Written on a Motif XS with Logic 9, later other instruments were brought in from various sound libraries. Dark militaristic song.
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A demonstration of auto-tune and melodyne tricks. Vocal sample by Christina Morgan
Peak position #6
A Latin-inspired big band orchestra with flutes, erhu, a very wicked sax and Tweak's Guitar
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Standing on a cliff in the Grand Canyon, facing the sunrise, letting the hope radiate
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A headstong girl attempts to escape the clutches of an evil empire.
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This is to introduce a new vocalist at TweakHeadz Lab--Christina Morgan! We recorded the song on October 10, 2008. Christina is a delight to work with!
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