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Peak in sub-genre #36
Peak in sub-genre #39 3
Song about the anxieties of the future.
Peak position #46
This is an acoustic song written for my wife Therese.
Peak position #45 6 1
Written to represent a good imagery of autumn leaves. But its intent is to focus on how we all go through an "autumn" of our own. Beautifully sung by Dale Magnuson, with Theresa Procopio on oboe.
Peak in sub-genre #2 7 3
Originally written for my son and his girl, this song became a good candidate for a musical finale. This song features my son Jon (pictured), and Seana Hendrickson.
Peak position #70 1
Fifties song about a love gone bad. Featuring Jon Carpentier on vocals. Gene Waterman, and myself doing backup.
Peak in sub-genre #43
Song of love and wondering if only time and situations were different.
Peak position #83 4
This is a song about two girls who found true friendship, and nothing can take it away! Vocals: Genna Rittenhouse, and Keri McNiff; Backup: Dale Magnuson, Gene Waterman, Jon Carpentier, Keri McNiff; Drums: Josh Carpentier.
Peak in sub-genre #7 3
A nice ballad of a young girl singing to her father. Beautifully sung by Hanna DeShaw, and brilliant piano by Diane Pollard.
Peak in sub-genre #10
Cougar on the prowl. Vocals and piano by the incredibly talented Diane Pollard.
Peak position #53 3
This is a song of two lovers who see their love as that of a fairy tale, and hope to live happily ever after. It features the duet of Dale Magnuson and myself.
Peak position #56
A widower sings to his deceased wife.
Daughter sings to her deceased mother. Beautifully sung by Keri McNiff, and brilliant piano by Diane Pollard.
Peak in sub-genre #5
Man trying to convince a cougar to go out with an older man. Vocals by Mike and Joanne Gallo. Piano by Diane Pollard.
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