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Ambient electronica, chillout dance beats, ethereal vocals.
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A setting of part of St Patrick's breastplate, an ancient Celtic prayer, asking for protection. As ever feel free to use music and words in a worship situation.
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A setting of psalm 08 with a response that everyone can join in with easily.
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I wrote the words to this song the other year for Transcendence at Ephiphany (surprisingly!). Check out the lyrics and feel free to use in a worship situation.
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A backing track for the hymn 'And can it be'
Peak in sub-genre #14
A backing track for the ancient night-prayer song Te Lucis Ante Terminum (Before the Ending of the Day)
Peak in sub-genre #18
A setting of an alternative tune to 'the Lord's my shepherd'
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An instrumental backing that you can sing the song 'Love is his Word' on top of.
Peak in sub-genre #26
An intrumental version of the not-very-Christmassy carol that speaks of Christ as a lifegiving tree.
Peak in sub-genre #54
A (mostly instrumental) love song.
Peak in sub-genre #14 1
A mellow classically influenced piece of chill-out music.
Peak in sub-genre #28
Instrumental chill-out music painting the memories of a monastery on a Summer afternoon.The gurgling river, flute playing and the calling of the bells.
Peak in sub-genre #23
A mysterious etherial stormin' dance choon!
Peak in sub-genre #31
A new setting of the song Zechariah sang to John the Baptist
Peak in sub-genre #9
A new setting of an ancient prayer
Peak in sub-genre #24
A new arrangement of an old song which has been used in morning prayer services for over a thousand years.
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