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Bizarre ambient space drones weird segues and fugue states induced My music is meant to entertain neurons you thought too burned out to enjoy. http://SourceCode
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Peak in sub-genre #17 2
In TOP 40 charts! In 2003 I wrote a story called Sleep Til . . . and this ambiently twisted piece is dedicated to that story of other universes. Read story here:
Take a drone and doppler it to death . . . and suddenly you are in another dimension of reality.
Peak in sub-genre #80
You are enroute to another star system and 'awaken' in hypersleep, dreaming of dawn on other worlds. (This was my 2nd ambient creation and first using multi-tracking.)circa 2002?
Olde tune re-worked, warped, reversed, reverbed, echoed, de-pitched, etc for max zone-out effect and will actually induce mild alpha wave state? Try it.
Peak in sub-genre #55
Created 100% in PC realm, no keyboards used. A TOP 50 tune for ambient genre charts in Jan 2004! NOW BEING USED IN THE NEW 'DARK SALVATION' PC GAME!! April 2009
10-15 SimSynth wav filess I created were reassembled into one very non-tempo, somewhat disturbing yet ultimately relaxing drone-sphere. Jump in! The nexus of vortices is calling . . . retro-analog-ambient bliss! Low-fi effects intentional. http://Sou
Very, very dark ambience --Think LUSTMORD and RICH -- not to be listened to before bedtime kiddies! UPDATED! Added tons of disturbing sounds. Hades next stop . . .
Forbidden Planet echoes . . . welcome to the machine levels . . . nanotechs now entering your cortex . . . (added cool out-takes from sci-fi flicks!)
Peak in sub-genre #42
I plugged in at a practice to warm up with this improv. I adjusted my axe, cranked it up, and let 'er rip and such was the result. (Forgive the tape hiss, such is life.)
Peak position #12
Practice of all improv material one day produced this little jam gem about 40 minutes into a session. A groove ensued and I followed. In TOP 40 charts for Fusion in Jan 2004! (free tape hiss)
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