Electronic PAMPLONA, Spain
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dexter ward
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Electronic sounds with influences from progressive rock, avant garde music and last tendencies.
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A song inspired in Radiohead sound, with an electronic drone in the middle and powerful guitar end
Rythms with strange sounds, appealing melodies, analog synths all this together giving birth to a great song
A long instrumental song with different parts from a quiet part in the middle to more jazzy and rock grooves. For progressive rock lovers
Peak in sub-genre #50
A melodic song with an experimental touch.
Another song from the Phantom CD. A little bit epic with strings and also a baroque touch
An auditive experience. Which would be the dreams of Leroux's hero? Hear them converted into music
An electro version of "Angel of Music" with a sampler from Malcom X
Peak in sub-genre #33
Is a piano song which was the origine of Christine's song
It's a song made with different noises and without using any melodic sound. It was made for a contest
Peak in sub-genre #60
The following songs were created with the same leit motif for the B.S.O. of the short cut "┬┐Estoy Guapa?". Clean and nice melody for sad moments.
A version of the leit motiv with percussion and strings.
Peak in sub-genre #42
The song as it was initially conceived. Piano melodies, electronic rythms and orchestral sounds all together.
A cover of the Spanish band "Los Planetas" played with electronic sounds and changed almost completely.
This is a song based in rhythm. The organs play rhythmic patterns and the drums play a very important rol. Guess who is the one who speaks.
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