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Not really a band, but a site for experiments in tuning and scales for classical pieces...
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Peak position #59
This is a MIDI demo only of a work for 2 cellos written in the near-Just-Intonation "Blackjack" scale
Peak in sub-genre #33
This is a *prototype* of a piece for soprano and electronics in the Blackjack scale. The "real" piece will, of course, have a live soprano...
Paul Erlich experimental chord
Experimental chord by Paul Erlich
Paul Erlich reference chord.
Paul Erlich experimental chord.
Paul Erlich experimental chord
Paul Erlich reference chord
Paul Erlich experimental chord.
An experimental chord by Paul Erlich
Paul Erlich tetrad (pitch values in cents). Root position 7-odd-limit tetrad -- 4:5:6:7 or 1/1:5/4:3/2:7/4
Paul Erlich tetrad (pitch values in cents). First-inversion JI major triad with the ninth on top 5:6:8:9 or 1/1:6/5:8/5:9/5
Paul Erlich tetrad (pitch values in cents). Second-inversion JI major triad with ninth on top -- 6:8:9:10 or 1/1:4/3:3/2:5/3
Paul Erlich tetrad (pitch in cents). 8:10:12:15 or 1/1:5/4:3/2:15:8
Paul Erlich tetrads (pitch values in cents. JI minor seventh -- 12:14:18:21 or 1/1:7/6:3/2:7/4
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