Scruffy Eagle
Jazz Watersmeet, MI  USA
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It's just me, folks. Me, my instrutments, and my omnipresent muse. Blues, jazz, rock, country - any mix which fits is what I do.
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Peak in sub-genre #42
A mellow song of devotion, although the precise object of devotion isn't specified (other than the rain it refers to). This copy uses many different instruments, plus my voice.
Peak position #40
This version is strictly instrumental, performed on acoustic violalin. The only modifications done during processing were trimming excess length and amplitude adjustments.
Peak in sub-genre #54
Performed on my Korg R3 synthesizer. No modifications were done beyond trimming off extra (silent) length and adjusting volume.
Patriotic 2-song medley: "The Star Spangled Banner" followed by "America The Beautiful". Both are fancified versions, performed on violalin w/ djembe accompaniment added.
Peak in sub-genre #44
R3 synthesizer instrumental piece. Mellow with an edge.
Instrumental - Korg R3 synthesizer, H2 setting.
Korg R3 synthesizer, Vintage Lead #6 setting.
Instrumental jam on Korg R3 synthesizer.
This is me, doing a low-pitch jam on my Ibanez SR-406 electric Bass guitar. No effects were used or added.
Peak in sub-genre #82
This is a blues piece intended to sound much like an old recording of live performance. I also have a web page at my music website that gives more detail re. history & intent of composition re. this song.
Peak in sub-genre #44
I consider this song to be a sad 'Ballad', but, there's no 'Ballad' category! (Soundclick, please fix this.) That's how this ended up in 'Smooth Jazz'. This copy of 'For Eileen' uses Seagull 'S6' acoustic guitar, Dean 'Custom Zone' electric guitar w/
Peak position #53
Poetry, dedicated to Pegeen.
Peak in sub-genre #65
JBP amplified acoustic guitar, Dean "Custom Zone" electric guitar, cheap electric violinla, Fender "JP90" Bass guitar, Gold Tone Banjitar, congas, & voice. No effects used or added during or after recording.
One verse long. It uses my 14' Toca Djembe, my Dean 'Custom Zone' electric guitar, and my voice. No effects were used or added later. The only tweaking was amplitude adjustments, timing (latency!), and trimming length.
Basic rock. Revised as vs. previous posted copy - changed chords & lyrics, & added bass guitar. Has electric rhythm guitar, vocals, djembe, & bass guitar.
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