Metal Ontario, Canada
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Peak position #22
updated mix. random happy stuff. enjoy. probably.
Peak position #41
This is a cover of "New Snu" by Misha Mansoor of Periphery. This also serves as a mix test/update.
Peak position #53
I redid this song completely.
Peak position #31
testing a new mix with a periphery cover. the guitar is actually from an older recording and i still had the clean signal so i applied the newish guitar tone to it. it's a bit messy, but it'll do for now. same with the bass.
Just some chord progressions I was trying out. I think they sound nice.
Peak position #39
cheese and crackers are fun.
Peak position #24
just testing a mix out with some choirs and synths, some recycled riffs and what not.
Peak position #50
well, it's been a while, so here is a new mix with stuff in it. more focus on punchy drums n bass. guitars are down a bit to make room for potential vocals, blah blah blah enjoy!
Peak position #28
This is an old song with a new mix. I kept the old takes, cleaned them up, and didn't pitch shift them way the crap down this time.
Peak position #66
its my current mix. also i was messing around with GPO :)
Peak position #34
Just some ideas. nothing too neat.
Peak position #21
It's so happy that one might throw up. enjoy another very original song title :) oh, and enjoy the song too.
Peak position #42
I've decided i want to make a little EP and this song will most likely be on it. It's still a work in progress and there's still lots of room for rearranging, adding whole new parts and improvement overall. So, in the mean time enjoy this version. :)
Peak position #40
This is an updated version of a track that I deleted from this site. It's also yet another mix test, with a different kick.
Peak position #66
not really a song, just an excuse to test out a mix and mess around with some chords and harmonies and what not.. dropped almost every compressor i had, except one on the master track. not sure i like it yet....... ahh titties.
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