Prent Rodgers
Classical Mercer Island, WA  USA
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Microtonal Music by Prent Rodgers. Made with Csound.
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#75 (Sub-genre)
The title comes from the set of Ernie Ball Super Slinky guitar strings that I sampled on a bench and use in the song. Also appearing are Finger Piano, Oboes, French Horns, Bassoons, Balloon Drums, and Tube Drums. The tuning is n/10 ratios.
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Scored for Balloon Drums, Oboe, Flutes, Guitar, and Finger Piano. The piece starts out with a simple conventional sounding 12 tone equal chord progession. But they are not at all what they seem.
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This is a piece for flute, clarinet, finger piano, guitar, and percussion. It's based on the 10:11:12:13:14:16:18:20 septany.
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Subduction Zone is a piece for Alto Flute, Bass Clarinet, Guitar, Marimba, Finger Piano, and percussion. It is based on four chords in the Partch Tonality Diamond: F 4/3 minor; A 8/5 major; C 1/1 major; and A 5/3 minor.
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Piece for Woodwind Quintet in E 6/5 subminor and E 16/13 major, with a few stray C 1/1 major, G 3/2 subminor, A 8/5 major, and B 24/13 subminor.
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Microtonal music for Woodwind Quintet in a 15-limit tonality diamond. This piece makes extensive use of minor and sub-minor scales derived from the utonality and otonality series.
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This is a piece for woodwind quintet. There is a great deal of microtonal slides that might be challenging for the average wind instrumentalist.
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Music based on chord changes using the otonality and utonality.
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Music for Microtonal Slide Piano - This is a piece based on utonal scales, that modulates up the otonality.
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This is a piece with musical material from the Partch Tonality Diamond. The primary scale is based on the overtone series starting on A#, expressed in ratios as 8:8, 9:8, 10:8, 11:8, 14:8, 16:8.
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Tsantsa is the South American native word for shrunken head. Listen and notice your head getting smaller?
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Omar y los Bandeleros play every Friday night for the wealthy retired Americans in Ajijic, mostly Mariachi Music in the Moonlight at the Posada in town. But on Saturday nights they move to the school gym off the town square and step up the tempo.
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actual samples are taken from my finger piano, an amplified kalimba-like instrument I made in 1978. The samples were cleaned up with CoolEdit and programmed using Csound to simulate a music box.
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Titke refers to the technique of guiding visitors to a museum along a path towards what you want them to learn by entertaining them along the way, like a path of flowers
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The title is taken from one the only phrases in Spanish the Americans in Ajijic learn when they move down from Brownsville at the end of the rainy season.
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