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John Cohmer
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Stikmen,Matt Thorpe,Jasper Mills, Paul Cummings,Kevin Paul,John Cohmer,Scott Durflinger,Doc. Internet blues band formed on 10 years ago
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The first ever MP3.COM blues collaboration. Warren Von Kruck, Jack Falk,Ric Arra, Kevin Paul, Shakey T,Roy Cox and company pitched in on mostly dial up internet connections to mix this one for the ages. See story behind song.
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The song features tj gerencser on whorehouse piano, Larry Tater Megill on harp, Kevin Paul on guitar and vocals, John Cohmer on bass, Paul Cummins and Scott Durflinger on rhythm guitar.
Bill House (Lead Solo 2, Ryhthm Guitars), Bob Huston (Solo Guitar 1, Ryhthm), Matt Thorpe (Solo Guitar 3), Kevin STIK Paul (Solo Guitar 4), Ironman Mike Curtis (Bass, Harp, Guitar), tj gerencser (organ).
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Mike Curtis(Vocal,Harp,Bass)Bill House, Paul Cummins,Matt Thorpe,Scott Durfinger(wah wah),John Cohmer (slide), & Bob Huston all playing guitars and TJ Gerencser on keyboard.
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John(slide),Ironman(Harp),Matt,Stik,,Bob and Paul playing solos in said order.TJ Gerencser on keyboards.
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Doc "Mistabluesman" Quinn Sings Vocal, Kevin "Stik" Paul (1st Lead Guitar & Rhythm), Scott "Lockingnut" Durflinger (2nd Lead Guitar) and John "Jasper Mills" Cohmer (Bass (Guitar). Matt Thorpe (Closing Tag - Lead Guitar)
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Tj on the organ,Matt Thorpe,Bob Huston and John Cohmer (guitar solos in that order) TJ smooze it out again on organ. Ironman Mike Curtis on bass and harp, Bill House and Scott Durflinger on Rythym guitars.
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Bob Huston on rhythm guitar and lead vocals, Bill House backing vocals, rhythm guitar and guitar solo #3. Matt Thorpe guitar solo #1, John Cohmer solo #2,Ironman Mike Curtis bass and harp,tj gerencseron organ.
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Doc Quinn on left rhythm guitar and Bob Huston on right rhythm guitar. Rounding out the rhythm section was Bill House on bass and tj gerencser on organ. Both Ironman Mike Curtis(harp) and Matt Thorpe(guitar) handle the soloing.
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Scott Durflinger on rhythm guitar and tj gerencser on Rhodes piano, Ironman Mike Curtis covers the bases with vocal, harp and bass guitar with the unmistakable sound of John Cohmer on bottleneck slide guitar.
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TJ playing fantastic organ and Ironman Mike on Blues Harp and bass guitar start this one off. Solos progress from Matt Thorpe to John Cohmer on to Stik then to Bob Huston, Bill House, Paul Cummins & Scott Durflinger
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Ironman Mike Curtis(Vocals,Harp,Bass,Guitar)Doc Quinn,Matt Thorpe,Paul Cummins,John Cohmer,Bob Huston,Bill House, Kevin "stik" Paul(play solo guitar in said order),tj gerencser(Piano)
Peak in sub-genre #67
A post CD release interview with Allstar guitar man and swooner "Stik" on Live365's BlueIceWater Radio with DJ Smilestir.
Peak in sub-genre #83
A post CD release interview with TJ Gerencser from up north Canada a BOOT his accomplishments playing fantastic keyboards and his antic's while at the Nashville Sessions by DJ Smilestir of BlueIceWater Radio on Live365.
Peak in sub-genre #56
A post CD release interview with DJ Smilestir and John Cohmer of Jasper Mills about the Nashville Sessions, his style of Bottleneck Slide guitar, his long time friend whom he met for the very first time after years of just emailing.
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