Bah and the Humbugs
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A pop band with original satirical Christmas songs. Comic relief for the holiday season!
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I hear that Santa's got a brand new hoversleigh. Wouldn't it be great to go along with him for a Christmas Eve flight?
Peak position #36
This inspiring Christmas rock anthem reveals the real reason the United States went to war with the North Pole. There were no toys of mass destruction: it was all about oil!
Peak position #87
If Tom Waits wrote the most gritty and depressing Christmas song he possibly could, it might sound a little like this...
Peak position #63
A wizard robe here, a bicycle there... Santa's got something for everybody!
Peak position #73
Everyone’s having trouble at the airports these days. Even the jolly old elf’s passport has been questioned.
Peak position #37
You mean you've never seen a polar bear decorating a Christmas tree? Well, I think it's time I took you on a trip to the Christmas Zoo. That's where all the animals celebrate Christmas every day!
Peak in sub-genre #56
The work is done, and it’s time for fun! If you’ve ever wondered what Santa and the elves do after December 25th, join us for this festive tropical cruise.
Peak in sub-genre #45
This time of year, there are so many good things to eat! But I think I might be eating too much! It all started on the first day of Christmas, with that bowl of M&Ms...
Peak position #18
Our young singer-songwriter Skyler Lehmkuhl sends Santa Claus his short (and entirely reasonable!) list of the things he wants this Christmas.
Flinty Sparkmobile is the hottest new toy of the year! Everybody loves that non-stop sparking action! It's literally burning down the house!
Peak position #71
Here's how to restore America's popularity among nations -- by churning out more of everyone's favorite American export.
Peak position #33
The hurricane season refuses to end... and here comes Christmas! It's a category three holiday -- at least!
Peak position #20
A cheerful Christmas singalong about a demonic cookie running amok. Genetic technology gone horribly wrong.
Excitement and anticipation as the first snowfall of the season moves in.
Peak position #31
This stirring anthem is a story about a group of activits who set out to liberate Santa's oppressed flying reindeer. But things don't go according to plan...
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