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Music with Rocks In, inspired by the work of Terry Pratchett and various musicians. Formed for the Irish Discworld Convention 2009, Music With Rocks In is John
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Peak position #7
A turtle-born disc-shaped landscape...
Peak position #13
Young wizards like us...
Peak position #16
featuring Igor and the Count
Peak position #33
Peak position #28
Peak position #24 1
Hangin' round with Greebo...
Peak position #33
First Music with (Electric) Rocks In song
Peak position #34
Peak position #12
Keep on Rockin'
Peak position #51
Trying to steal from Genghiz Cohen is not advised..
Peak position #28
A word of advice - don't touch his buns.
Peak position #90
Ahh, Angua *sigh*
The Bursar is not well
Peak position #10
If only
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