Null Divide
Metal Quezon City, Philippines
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Null Divide is a personal project generally focusing on heavy metal home recordings.
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Peak in sub-genre #26
A little improvised acoustic piece inspired by Opeth and Jeff Pagaduan.
Just a short cover of the intro of Periphery's Icarus Lives!
Peak position #87
This one's obviously inspired by Periphery. This is my first foray into djent-type stuff (if you can call it that). Note that I can't program drums and think of killer riffs like Bulb.
Just dabbling into br00tal trve kvlt black metal. More of an experiment than a real song idea.
Peak in sub-genre #23
Just a little Napalm Death-inspired grindcore-ish ditty for the lulz.
Peak in sub-genre #57
Still a work in progress. This seems to be stuck in limbo.
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