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Classic Symphony, to Acoustic Rock to Power Metal, and a little bit of different music in the middle to keep you thinking. Southern Ohio based metal & more Hete
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dedicated to the memory of Thomas Perry(Remastered)
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Koalition - Heterodox Roxx & Eutioa Aarion Lee-Pamela Barnett-vocals, Christopher Cook-music I can see you hiding in your nightmare
Mirages in the distance An Oasis of dreams there before your eyes never within your reach
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Story of the end of days...Look into the eyes of the Angel Of Death
As yesterday flashes before my eyes, I seen the truth and all of the lies
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fly for my honor fight for your freedom
to fly the skys forever to the mountains and to the sea, my soul shall spread its wings as I fly for eternity
Peak in sub-genre #51
Weapons of destruction Where did we cross No one to save us Our souls all lost
Don't try to understand him he is always deranged, even though he will make you laugh he is really insane... remix coming soon
see the blinding light hear the crashing roar watch the sky disappear watch the rains pour
the flow of blood running in streams the smell of flesh and the sound of screams
you know that I love you girl its me thats always there
dedicated to the memory of Rick Cremeans. a lonely oak scared by plastic and steel sealed my fate with one turn of the wheel
warriors we can rule the night...remix coming soon
Peak in sub-genre #28
the story of a wanderer in search of enlightenment
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