CHilD PsYchOloGy
Electronic New Orleans, LA  USA
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Peak position #43
Roland synth and mods and an aturia mini brute lots of experimental fun stuff! Vocals lol takes a min to play !
Peak in sub-genre #8
fun for the family
Peak in sub-genre #9
Just some noise roland korg and minibrute ... the roland system 1 a tb-3 tr-8 along side a korg arp pattern from the chrome just enjoy
Peak in sub-genre #1
Using Roland te-8 t8-3 system1 Mackie and yamaha sound boards Tascam recording all analog true ... enjoy the sound of no computers
Peak in sub-genre #2
using roland system 1 t8 t3 tr8 micr brute
Peak in sub-genre #6
experimental, analog, using one Korg electribe rhythm ea-1 ,roland-system one, Tb-3 and Tr-8 and Korg ms2000 and korg chrome music workstation
Peak in sub-genre #5
no lyric version, using roland System one,tr-8 and Tb-3..
Peak in sub-genre #10
roland synths : system-1,tb-3 ,tr-8 makie boards, and sound, korg krome..having fun
Peak in sub-genre #8 1
Peak position #90
old song done with old wav files movie recordings a kurzweil and some korg electribes lol
Peak in sub-genre #3
experimenting with korg chrome ,roland's TR-8 TB-3 TV-3 System-1 and dshure mic with digitech rack mount and a howling screecher harmonica mic.
Peak in sub-genre #5
ahhh song
Peak in sub-genre #11
cover of an old favorite a little twisted
Peak in sub-genre #10
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