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BMI songwriter , drummer/percussionist , keyboards. I write from the soul & heart and from life experiences
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Peak in sub-genre #47
child abuse in the home. but Stefan finds his wings & finds freedom & a new life.
Peak in sub-genre #79
when the rainforests are all gone ,permanantely,who's the animals then, us or them?
Peak in sub-genre #94
growing up poor doesn't always mean not happy & content with what you have.
rural country boy/girl grows up , moves to the big city,grows old & wishes they could come back home one last time .
Peak in sub-genre #44
classic torch song of two former lovers who live in the same state but they know getting together again is just a dream.
Peak in sub-genre #72
people , karma, faith , spirituality, reincarnation & the golden rule... which one(s) are you ?
Peak in sub-genre #63
small town life can make you happy!
heartbroken guy loses his love forever during the dead of winter.
Peak in sub-genre #59
husbands' wife passes away at a very young age. he misses her more than he can bear & also remembers the last time they made love.
Peak position #92
instrumental , funky , jazzy
Peak position #98
Peak in sub-genre #55
losing your wife to another someone & recalling the great times in living color before it all went south.
timeless comment on the state of the country & the world.
father or mother watching their children grow up too fast & trying to convince themselves they are NOT in denial.
Peak in sub-genre #69
imagine a REAL cowboy ridin' into Beverly Hills from Montana or Dakota , or any where the Real cowboys toil and go without luxeries and he sits and watches the goings on of the denizens on Rodeo Drive?
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