Apis Ante Portas
Rock USA
Thank you!
Well, AAP is my way to express my creativity. I absolutely love music - doesn't matter if i listen to it or create it :-)
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Peak in sub-genre #56 1
Meant to be intense... what do you think? :-)
Peak in sub-genre #50 1
More post-rockish than the two other ones... again - inspired by he universe :-) what a great place to live by the way... kinda "This will destroy you" sounding... cheers, guys! love your music!
I was working on it for a long time... made to be epic!
One of my post-rock influenced songs. Also heavily influenced by the universe! :-)
I know how sh** ty the sound is... sorry, folks!
Another one of those space-influenced post-rock things... hope you enjoy it!
Peak in sub-genre #98
It needs vocals...
Yay, a ballad!
One of my older songs, different sound, different gear... but it's still meant to rock
This is one of the heaviest songs i've ever written... fairly old song, different gear, different sound
Peak in sub-genre #81
Inspired by getting new guitar.. awesome way to create new music :-D
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