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Pulling influences from just about any type of popular American music is what the Mutt is all about.
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Peak in sub-genre #29
Peak in sub-genre #89
These two songs were captured together during a smaller live performance. The beauty of this song comes in the 2 minute psychedlic bridge that connects the two songs.
From Let It Pee, Tribe is one of the more popular of our live songs from the late 1990's and is shared here to provide a glimpse of the past.
Peak in sub-genre #93
An upbeat funky-jam tune in the spirit of James Brown's back up band, the JB's.
Upbeat Mutt Classic combines the best of what the boys have to offer. The scratch samples come from 'Pass the Peas' by James Brown and from the Beastie Boy's album 'Licensed to Ill' (MIKE!)
Upbeat Rocker. Really one of the band's better songs. Only about 3 minutes. Ends way too soon.
Layered guitar tracks provide a thick backdrop for the aggressive vocals and solos in this song. This 7 minute epic highlights R.Mutt's ability to incorporate numerous sounds, meters and textures into a song.
One of the bands most popular songs. Typically it would lead off the show or end up near the ending of the night.
Peak in sub-genre #90
Instrumental. Randy Komberek delivers a stunning guitar solo over a driving backdrop.
Mike and Ron trade off lead vocal duties in this blast from the past. This is one of the songs (along with Doggy Style) that has remained in R.Mutt's live show for the longest time
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