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Acoustic London, United Kingdom
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Self taught singer/songwriter on 6 and 12 string Guitars and Vocals. Solo performer, but also as a band. Last band line-up as a duo, previously a five piece.
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This song is dedicated to my Granddaughter Lucy Wren, who for reasons beyond my comprehension I have not been allowed to meet and is the first track on my new album Rhapsody In Sea.
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Acoustic Folk origin- Angry song in protest of the way sick and disabled people are being treated. Written for my late partner Jean, who died because of the constant psychological bullying she was subjected to.
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Love Ballad
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Love Ballad reaching out to Jean's spirit and calling her back to me.
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Ballad/open tuning D plectrum
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Heartfelt Ballad
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Instrumental in a "D" minor tuning using lots of harmonics
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Inspired by being told we only have 15 years before we reach the point of no return with global warming. That was 2006, but now we are told 10 years in 2019. We seem to have gained a few years somehow, but I hope you get the message anyway!
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Folk/Blues Balad
Peak position #91
Another love song for my girlfriend
Peak position #90
Love song written for my Jean from my solo album 2006 Welcome to my World.
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Observational real life experience of current social problems written in 2002, now very topical given what's happening on the streets in London in 2011
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Anti War Song
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