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Scott Shetlers C'mon Man Organ Trio C'mon Man is a jazz/blues trio made up of Reeds, Hammond B3 Organ & Drums.The site features live bongo raps & modal musing
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This is a song I wrote for Mighty Sam McClain Recorded with Jon Bon Jovi
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This is a gospel instrumental I wrote for Mighty Sam McClain to introduce his shows Get the Vocal version with Sam & Jon Bon Jovi at
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A classic in the tradition
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I wrote this one in one fell swoop after arranging horns all night for a early session they needed one more arrangement for this tune that modulated 7 times and the parts just fell out, it never got used, thats the blues baby
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Cool Yule tells of a visit from Old St Nick, to a funky pad on chrismas eve,
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The clarinet learns a new step from the Jura in 7/4 Instruments Bb Clarinet, Eb sopranino Clarinet, Jura, Hand drum and Cymbals, Tampura
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This lick loaded jump blues instrumental was concieved by Matthew Stubbs and I scored it up for horns. WE WON 3RD PLACE IN THE I.BC. IN MEMPHIS WITH THE HELP OF THIS TUNE Get our entire CD Now Available at
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"Mary Jane And The Vipers" Got together in the basement and huddled over some muggles and then recorded this version of the tune originaly done by the "Harlem Ham Fats" More at
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Fetured in the movie "Fever Pitch" Based on the "new style" of brass band music of New Orleans, performed by groups like "Rebirth Brass Band". The Hot Tamalis play Red Sox home games at Fenway Park in Boston.See ya at the pahk.
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Rush Hour is a burning trio number written by Scott Shetler & Tom West with Hammond B3 Organ, Tenor and Tubs. Headed by Scott Shetler blowing tenor with cohorts Tom West on Organ and Zac Casher springin' the traps. "coolness"
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Heres a live recording of a smoldering Trio of Tenor Sax, Hammond B3 organ and Drums. Thats Bruce Katz on the organ with me playing Tenor and Ralph Rosin tying it all together on the tubs.
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Bach on the Bass Clarinet The two Minuets from the first of the six Suites For Solo Cello originally written for the Viola Pamposa. "I have played these for years on the road to keep in touch with the Universe."
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Singapore. Its not a place on a map but a place in your mind. Imagined but never seen before.
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