Classical Bucharest, RO  USA
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Six gifted and hard working young theological scholars - driven by one enthusiastic Professor, Irineu Farcas
17 songs($5.00)
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The CD opens with this entry song, dedicated to the HOSTS (rom. "gazde") - telling them they should awake, it's no time for sleeping! It's time for singing ... and purifying our souls!
Peak position #15
The song tells the story of the glory days of Bethleem - about the small village that God chose for his Son - our Saviour, Jesus Christ.
Peak position #53
Awake Brothers, don't sleep no more! Go to the place where our Lord was born - The One before beginning... Pure, white flowers will be the gift from our hearts!
Peak position #93
Germans call it Rosenkranz. The crown of roses... The verses are telling the story of Mary's premonition about the tragical end of Her dearest Son...
Peak position #28
Lord, Thy Words where written before happening!
Peak in sub-genre #11
Holy Mother - her trip asking for a place in a home. Nobody was there to open the door... So the King was born on hey, animals surrunding with their warm breath.
Peak position #83
The Christmans Evening is bringing joy to our children. It is a great opportunity for them learning the story of those things happened back then.
Peak position #11
The Star is giving the News!
Peak position #26
Up in the sky, with so many stars - there is one shining above them all! She's descending towards our homes, allthough outside is winter - cold...
Peak position #42
We wish You all the best and happiness! Harmony between ourselves means peace descending from above.
Peak position #48
... a Great Wonder!
Peak in sub-genre #7
Holy Mother is taking care of the flock, while Jesus - the child, is not at all neglected!
Peak position #58
Down at Bethleem - on the sky the light is burning!
Peak position #22
Beautiful connexion: this Christmans Carol is referring to the first wonder - the wedding in Gallilea! Both - Birth and Start of his three years activity bond in this song!
Peak position #84
Awake You all, we sing for thee: Your kindness will be in Your benefit. HAPPY NEW YEAR!
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