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Ganimead one-man project, with its own original style, making a difference in the endless sea of professional and amateur artists in electronic music. Goal
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Peak position #1 27 20
Album: The Atmosphere Collection Peak position #3 56 29
Ganimead takes the listener on a relaxing journey through the Cosmos.... Slow Peaceful Tempo - Light Suspense - Inner Reflection. A Classic Instrumental Soundscape.
Album: The Atmosphere Collection #85 (Sub-genre) 61 32
A short warm ambient composition with interesting stereo effects. *Featured Intro Theme on the web site of Canadian-Italian Movie Star Nick Mancuso of 'Stingray' fame. Nick has starred in over 80 Movies.
Album: The Atmosphere Collection #54 (Sub-genre) 18 7
An experimental 'spacey' guitar rock instrumental Ganimead style.
Album: The Atmosphere Collection Peak position #3 18 8
Album: The Atmosphere Collection Peak position #7 13 4
#86 (Sub-genre) 27 12
A haunting piano composition, inspired by my dear friend Syifa. Performed on Roland SUPER JD-990 Modular Synthesizer with orchestral card.
#19 (Sub-genre) 16 7
A typical Ganimead Deep & Spacey theme. Here are the first three minutes from a much larger composition that I have been working on.
Album: The Atmosphere Collection Peak position #7 17 12
Another Ganimead experiment... this time a Spacey Rock Instrumental... and absolutely NON-Abstract..!!!............ Many thanks to my good friend Danney Alkana for inspiring me to write this piece..'You are never too old!'
Album: The Atmosphere Collection Peak position #3 7 1
The earth gradually darkens..... a cool wind begins to blow across the plains. Is an eclipse about to commence, or is this the beginning of the end ? *Featured on PBS Documentary 'Trail of Tears'
Album: The Atmosphere Collection Peak position #9 10 1
#56 (Sub-genre) 2 2
Hurricane Frances passed leaving my Florida home in a terrible mess. At the beginning you will hear the actual NOAA warning that I recorded. It has a nice thumpy beat that helps it progress along accompanied by storm effects and an amusing ending!
#78 (Sub-genre) 2 3
Interesting vocal collab of my original composition "Beyond the Stars" Remix by '7beatstreet' - Vocals: Dan Albury. (FREE D/L)
Album: The Atmosphere Collection #79 (Sub-genre) 10 3
This is my very first song using electronic studio equipment. This song actually stayed at #1 in the Acid Pro charts for three weeks in 1998. Back then it sounded really good in comparison with other songs. Boy how Electronica has improved!
Album: The Atmosphere Collection #38 (Sub-genre) 3 1
Hindi song at start: All the different names of God (Ram) Beloved husband of Sita. Hindu translations of Jesus (Ishwar) and Allah 4th and on, give people wisdom and common sense for peace and brotherhood, to know that all Gods are one God.
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