Maverick Hunter
Metal USA
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Peak position #67
Peak position #92
demo of Dont Wait Until Night using the Rocktron Chameleon 2000 guitar preamp for all the bass and guitars, no amps whatsoever involved! :) ROCK ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Peak in sub-genre #34
Demo of "Clock Tower" from Aria of Sorrow. The mix when finished will be with "Hell Messenger" from Contra 3. Check back tomorrow for the finished version!!!
Peak position #88
Mix for Vamprotector. This one is a mix between "VK2K2" from Harmony of Dissonance and "Jungle" from Contra. ROCK ON!!!!!
Peak position #69
Vamprotector mix, "Waterfalls of Bloodshed" from Contra and "Cross of Fear" from Castlevania : Rondo of Blood.
Peak position #85
Another new mix for Vamprotector. This time its a mix between "Iron Blue Intention" from Castlevania Bloodlines and "Jungle" from Contra 4.
Peak in sub-genre #97
Back in the saddle again! This is a boss tune for Vamprotector called "Ruined Mind". This is a mix between "Ruined Base" from Super C and "Poison Mind" from Castlevania.
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