Viking Blues
Acoustic North Berwick, United Kingdom
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#47 (Sub-genre)
Vintage V2000MGG Acoustic guitar recorded on Zoom H4n. DADGAD tuning - Trad "The Flower of Magherally" arr Guy Bergeron and somehow turned into a lament by me.
Peak position #16
DADGAD semi-improv with "The Sweetness of Mary" in it's roots. Vintage VE2000GG acoustic guitar recorded on Zoom H4n portable recorder using the Zooms mics.
Peak position #15
Trad tune in DADGAD arranged by Guy Bergeron and played imperfectly. Vintage VE2000GG acoustic guitar recorded on Zoom H4n using Internal Mics.
Semi improvised in DADGAD using "Blind Mary" as a rough framework. Vintage VE2000GG recorded on Zoom H4n using Internal Mics.
DADGAD Improvisation - trying to get back into playing - I've been a bit stressed and the improv ended up a bit discordant as a result. Vintage VE2000GG. Zoom H4n reorder using Internal Mics.
Peak position #14
Sadness - our loyal and faithful canine friend, Theo, had to be helped on from this life on earth yesterday. Missing him hugely - this is an expression of my feeling, not a tribute. That may come later.
Peak position #20
Taking the notes of a simplified Pierre Bensusan tune in a DADGAD lesson and changing the timing and rearranging notes on the fly. Vintage VE2000GG Gordon Giltrap guitar recorded on Zoom H4n.
Peak position #10 2
Trying out a parlour terz guitar "An Fea Caol" made by "de faoite guitars" in the UK. Tuned to the terz equivalent of DADGAD (FCFBbCF). Semi improvisation around some of the ideas of "Le Voyage Pour L'Ireland" by Piree Bensusan - but much simplified.
Peak position #13
I tried some TABS for Sliabh Russell, which I find out now is a jig, but the music didn't want to come out that way. It ended up as a lament. All mahogany Vintage V2000MGG recorded on a Zoom H4n.
Peak position #84
A test of some Silk & Steel strings turned out to be more than just a test. An improvisation in DADGAD tuning arose. On a Vintage VE2000 Gordon Giltrap Signature - recorded on a Zoom H4n portable recorder.
Peak position #16 1
Lyrics by Sandra Patterson. Arranged for guitar in DADGAD. Vintage V2000MGG acoustic guitar recorded with Avantone Omni & Cardioid microphones
Peak position #11
Vintage V2000MGG. Csus2 tuning. Zoom H4n Recorder Int Mics. Composed while thinking of dogs no longer with us and those with not long to go in this life.
Vintage V2000MGG. Csus2 tuning. Zoom H4n Recorder Int Mics. Composed while thinking of the empty feeling when a faithful friend has been lost.
Multitrack Recording just using D & A notes : 2 x Vintage VE2000GG Acoustic Guitar : 2 x Ashbury Mandolin : 1 x Seagull Merlin : Garritan Orch VST Vibraphone & Grand Piano
Peak position #11
Impovisation - guitar in Csus2 tuning and exploring the Natural Minor Scale. Vintage V2000MGG : Zoom H4n Portable Recorder Built in Microphones.
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