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I mainly play one-man reggae usually in local bars, restaurants and private parties. Also getting into African guitar music and play Celtic stuff mixed with reg
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A song about a young guy trying to decide whether it's worth puting his heart on the line to date his favourite girl or whether it would be just a waste of time and he might be better just leaving it alone. Who's been there,ha,ha.?
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A nice, laid back song that takes you right to the beach on a sultry Jamaican evening.
Peak in sub-genre #18 1
A joint effort between myself who supplied the music and a friend who wrote the lyrics. Odd-ball reggae once again.
Peak in sub-genre #11 1
Live acoustic version of this great Bob Marley song. Recorded in one take with vocal, guitar and foot tambourine/cabassa.
Peak position #60 1
My take on Bob Marley's classic song. Recorded live with guitar, vocal and a little foot tambourine...
Peak in sub-genre #9
What is this indeed? A song inspired by a question on Meridith's 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire'.
Peak position #69 1
Second and more quirky version of this song that I wrote for my wife. This time it creeps into the rock category. Thanks for checking it out.
Peak in sub-genre #15 1
A cute reggae song with an African influence.
Peak in sub-genre #18 2
Acoustic reggae version of this classic Elvis song.
Peak in sub-genre #18 1
A song by JIMMY EAT WORLD. This is my version which is about half the speed of the original.
Peak position #100
India meets Africa in an abstract way.
Peak in sub-genre #24
An atmospheric piece of music that conjures up the image of a Japanese garden in the rain
Peak position #29 1
I guess this a straight forward soft rock love song. No excuses. It's a nice change to write and record something different from my usual African/Reggae/Celtic stuff. Written for my wife, Rachel when we first met about eight years ago.
Peak in sub-genre #6 1
This track has a huge Zimbabwe guitar influence although the lead instrument sounds Greek to me? VIVA TUKU ! Written and recorded at home on Monday evening, Jan 18.
Peak position #78 1
This is a melody I have played around with on my classical guitar for a while. Today, I got a chance to record it for the first time.
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