Ellen Moseley
Country Saint Augustine, Florida  USA
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homegrown music...all natural, no fillers, no artificial colors.
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This is a really sad song that I'm so thankful I didn't have to live out in my life
Peak position #66
it's best to be quick to listen and slow to speak
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Success in the Arts is seductive lover to woo, but a tough lady to please!
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just listen....you'll get it
Peak position #11 4
just felt like writin' a blues tune
Peak position #38 1
a banjo song I wrote (Sam Shin on cello)
Peak position #22 1
who hasn't been......or known a couple like this? (Sam Shin on cello)
Peak position #29
makes sense to me!
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Peak in sub-genre #6
Do ya ever wonder what someone saw in you in the first place?...'cause somehow their stamp of approval morphs into a blanketing disapproval.
Peak position #28
an ode to the hangover
Peak in sub-genre #28
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