Suite for Queen Caroline
Alternative Brighton, USA
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This is a page dedicated to the fight against the plans to demolish the Queen Caroline Estate in Hammersmith London.
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Peak position #92
The first song in the series
Peak position #26
The shopkeeper's song.
Peak position #19 3
The old man has lived on the estate for years and doesn't want to move.
Peak position #20 2
The song of the new residents. Lyrics by Alan Gentle
Peak position #21
The property developer's song. Lyrics and bass by Richard Marris. Based on a true story.
Peak position #23 1
He doesn't really care what happens to the estate as long as he has his car. Thanks to Richard Marris for the bass and lyrical tweaks.
Peak position #17 1
He didn't want to move to Hammersmith but now he thinks he can go back east.
Peak position #40 1
The council leader's song. Tim de Ferrars wrote the bridge and played slide. Charles Evans played piano and Pete Young covered up my bad harmonies.
Peak position #37
Of course, once the young and upwardly mobile move in the local school will close and the Lollipop lady loses her job.
Peak position #43
A cautionary tale of what the "luxury" apartments are really like. Steve Craig sings the chorus and bridge. Alan Gentle wrote the lyrics.
Peak position #12
The demolition man's song. With Bob Rodgers & Jack Hemby from MacJams. Graham Hodges wrote the lyrics.
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