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MIXTRESS DEMONATRIX (Electro Erotic Industrial Horror Punk Fetish Metal SoundtrAX)
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#23 (Main)
Surgically Severed Ties ((Swimming in the Blood of sated Vengeance)) - radio ReMixxx, by Mixtress DemonatriX, Bloody Mary DeSade & D-DAY MadcoX!
Album: The Karma Sutra (Vol.2) #3 (Sub-genre) 1
PsychO-SeXXXual (A Heavy Dose of Anti Repression) naughty Nurse Hatchet administers this deviliciously deviant prescription for your sexual explorational enlightenment & awakening into the New World Sexual Revolution!!!
#74 (Sub-genre)
Magik Pumpkin, a Nurse Hatchet & the Mixtress DemonatriX tribute to John Carpenter & the Halloween film Soundtrack score - theme variations, Inspired directly from the Original Halloween film score, Halloween part 2 score, & Halloween part 4 score.
Album: The Karma Sutra (Vol.2) Peak position #4 2
Princess of Darkness (The Karma Sutra Vol.1) title track as featured on the Mixtress DemonatriX "Karma Sutra" Album CD/DVD
#4 (Sub-genre) 4
Orally Obsessed (Tongue in Cheek) ReMiXXX 2019
Album: The Karma Sutra (Vol.2) #7 (Sub-genre) 2
She Who Killz part # 13 I Win This Pi$$ing Match (ToXic CockTail Mixxx)
Peak position #13 1
Nurse Hatchet's Orders of Death (Diabolic Dose RMXXX) Cover tribute to PIL Public Image Ltd.! Now take your PIL, Nurse's Orders!!! ;)
Album: The Karma Sutra (Vol.2) Peak position #35 1
Based on the John Carpenter film "They Live"
Album: The Karma Sutra (Vol.2) Peak position #37 1
Time for the Ritualistic Sex (Magik Pumpkin Pie Mixxx)
Album: The Karma Sutra (Vol.2) Peak position #28 1
Just when you thought it was safe to visit the Nurse's Office !!!... The NURSE SHARK Is BACK & This time its Personal!!! NURSE SHARK (Ravenous Fetish Frenzy Remixxx) Season of Samhain, Halloween 2018
Peak in sub-genre #21
" DEMONS " film soundtrack score cover tribute to Claudio Simonetti's Original theme "DEMON", & Ode to Dario Argento & Lamberto Bava's (Demons) 1985 Film.
Peak position #97
Death DiscO DemonatriX (Darker Derivative Dose) cover tribute to PIL Public Image Ltd.
Album: The 2nd Cumming #25 (Sub-genre)
The 2nd Cumming of Bloody Mary DeSade (Exorcism of the HolyGhost part#2) Instru-Mental Mixxx
Album: The Karma Sutra (Vol.2) Peak position #73
CONCRETE PILLAR of SOCIETY (Paved Grave Cement Lament RemiXxX) by Mixtress DemonatriX, Nurse Hatchet & Patrick D-day MadCoX
Peak position #6
Dirty Woman (InstruMental cover tribute to Pink Floyd - young lust) by Nurse Hatchet & the Mixtress DemonatriX Mixtress Marilyn DeSade & Patrick D-Day MadCoX
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